Structure of B.Ed. Syllabus

Part-1                         Total Marks-700

    A.     Core papers

Paper-I   : Teacher in Emerging Indian SOCIETY                                       100 Marks

Paper-II  : Development of Learner and Teaching-Learning Process         100 Marks

Paper-III : Development of Education System in India                                100 Marks

Paper-IV : Essential of Educational technology and Management              100 Marks


B.     Optional Papers : Paper V and VI                Total Marks-200

      School Teaching Subjects (Content cum Methodology) (Two of the Following)

(1.)  Gujarati, (2.)Hindi, (3.) English, (4.) Sanskrit, (5.) Social Studies,(6)Mathematics,
(7.) Science (8) Elements of Accountancy (9) Accountancy

    C.     Elective Course (Any One) : Paper VII (college offers)                                Total Marks-100

(1.)  Educational Administration and Management,

(2.)  Educational and Mental Measurement,

(3.)  Information Technology in Education.

Part-2                                                                                                   Total Marks-700

 1.  Practical lessons according to University for syllabus in two school teaching  subjects.                                 150 Marks
2. Periodic Test  150 Marks
3.Internship 50 Marks
4.Action Research / Case Study40 Marks

PreParation of blue-print and a question paper related to two school

60 Marks
6.Content Exam ( 30 marks of each school subject ) 60 Marks

Participation in co-curricular activities and organization and administration of co-curricular activities during the block-teaching oroff-campus and internship programme.                                              

20 Marks
8.Book Review or Science Practical20 Marks
9.Viva ( Based upon the year's practical work done by the candidate. )30 Marks
10.Attendance20 Marks
11.Annual Lesson (Exam ) (One lesson in each school subject selected100 Marks

        Part -1 – 700 marks + part -2 -700 marks = 1400 Marks

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