The Campus

The institute is situated in exotic locales of Ahmedabad,. The environment provides for stimulating intellectual alertness, creativity and a burning desire for learning. .

 The Lecture Hall

The Lecture hall is well ventilated and equipped with comfortable sitting arrangement, sufficient light & fans, and mike system all conducive to better learning.

 The Assembly Hall

Highly ventilated assembly hall with the sitting capacity of 150 students and modern mike system really adds to the assets of the institution.

 The Method Rooms

All the five method rooms in the College are equipped with comfortable sitting arrangement for about 45 students in each, a guidance cabin, and also a emerge of teaching aids prepared by students.

 The Computer Lab

The institute have a modern Computer lab with 15 computers. An unlimited internet access facility is available. The faculty terminal is connected to multi media device and projector for online teaching. Trainees are given opportunity to use internet and computers for preparing teaching aids for their lessons.

The Girls Room

The institute has separate girls room for convenience of girls.

Women Development Cell

The women development cell of the institution is consisting the female teacher educator as well as female student teacher, remain fully alert to deal with current issues efficiently related to women.

Grievance redressal

A grievance redressed cell has been set up in the institution which is responsible for answering to the problems or grievances of the student teachers. The students council is helpful in putting forth the problems and for finding the solution to the same by acting as representatives of the students.

Photo Gallery

Method Room


Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Lecture Hall

Front view of college

Front View

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