1. To encourage student teachers for professional readiness.
  2. To create awareness about current issues and trends in education.
  3. To develop professional competency in guiding the learners to solve personal and academic problems.
  4. To prepare competent teachers who understand, preserve and transmit the desirable Indian values to the next generation.
  5. To develop skills and competencies to face the challenges in the new millennium.
  6. To provide productive members to the society, nation and world at large.


             “To Prepare Teachers Capable to Shape Citizen to Contribute And

              Strengthen The Society With Futuristic And Global Bearing”.


1.   To develop all round personality.

2.   To improve communication skills.

3.   To develop teaching competency.

4.   To develop a sense of working together.

5.   To update learners with the latest developments in education.

6.   To initiate community oriented activities.

7.  To develop competency of using IT in curriculum transaction.

8.  To develop concern about ecological issues.

9.   To promote national integration and international understanding among students.

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